Comprehensive Integrated Rehabilitation Services and Expert Testimony

Functional Capacity Evaluation

IMG_0534The Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) includes a comprehensive battery of objective performance-based tests that are standardized and used to measure an individual’s work-related abilities and limitations. The FCE not only focuses on assessing overall job readiness, functional abilities and limitations, and activities of daily living, but also an individual’s overall effort level. The FCE involves a physical evaluation utilizing accepted AMA guidelines and professional methodologies. The work capacity testing makes use of the state-of-the art computerized JTech equipment and other sophisticated measurement tools, as well as individualized and customized industry specific testing with the focus on providing reliable, valid, and job specific functional capacity measures and outcomes.

The physical testing specifically identifies an individual’s tolerance related to sitting, standing, walking, lifting, and carrying, pushing, pulling, manual dexterity, reaching, squatting, bending, range of motion, and sensory and muscle strength testing. After the completion of the FCE, a comprehensive and easy to understand report is produced, which includes clinical reasoning and an interpretation of the testing data.

IMG_0048Dr. Bubanja has been performing Functional Capacity Evaluations for more than 20 years. Dr. Bubanja has testified in numerous civil trials regarding the residual limitations of the plaintiff in personal injury cases. She has also qualified as an expert in long term disability litigation related to the determination of the material and substantial duties of one’s own occupation.