Comprehensive Integrated Rehabilitation Services and Expert Testimony

Life Care Planning

Life Care Planning offers a systematic methodology for identifying current and long-term medical and rehabilitation needs and quantifying future costs for catastrophically injured or chronically disabled individuals. Life Care Plans are used in catastrophic personal injury, medical malpractice, and workplace accident cases to assist counsel in the litigation process, such as mediation, deposition, or trial.

The Life Care assessment process includes a review of medical, rehabilitation, and legal records; client interviews and home visits; communication with physicians and medical/rehabilitation professionals regarding treatment and equipment needs; and research related to medical resources and costs, replacement schedules, and vendors in specific geographic regions. Once these steps have been completed, a timely and customized report is developed, and key information is then communicated to the economist who applies specific medical inflation rates to determine present day value costs to fund the plan.

Services not only include development of Life Care plans for adults and children with catastrophic injuries and disabilities, but also a review of the Life Care Plan presented by the opposing expert. These reviews consider the need for certain treatments or procedures and the availability of alternative services and respective costs to meet the plaintiff’s needs.

Dr. Bubanja also provides home assessments and valuation of household services. Additionally, following completion of a case, she performs direct case management services including identification of appropriate medical resources, coordination and integration of appropriate health care services and overall case management.